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Company Research
Company Research

Get headed down the right path toward your ideal job by using sophisticated online research tools.  Doing your homework makes you a well-informed candidate and leads to more substantive discussions in your interviews. As you investigate and identify the industry or field where you most belong, you master research techniques that help you narrow your search to specific companies, desired locations, job functions, and the right people to connect with for key information and access.

by Steve Dalton
Target the Right Employers: Four Steps to Build Your List Fast
Finally – here is an efficient and effective job search methodology to develop a target list of employers, fast.. Steve Dalton, author of The 2-Hour Job Search and Senior Associate Director of the Career Management Center and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, details how to get that first job interview by creating a specifically prioritized list of target employers in 70 minutes.… more>>

with Sean Campbell
Mining the Web for Company Intelligence
Think of all the cover letters your target company receives and how important it is to make your letter stand out.  Consider, too, the competition you face when interviewing and how critical it is to be a well-informed candidate.… more>>

with Sean Campbell
Mining the Web for Great Contacts
In addition to the opportunities social networks offer to enhance your own visibility, the web contains valuable ways to identify quality contacts.  Sean Campbell, market research expert and co-author of Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence,… more>>

with Scott Swigart
If I Work Here…Dream Job or Worst Nightmare?
In order to envision yourself at the job of your dreams, you need a clear sense of how you might fit in to a company’s culture, whether it’s a healthy business or lagging in the marketplace, and if your desired salary range is realistic… more>>

with Scott Swigart
If I Work Here…What’s My Paycheck?
How do you decide which jobs offer competitive salaries and which companies reward their employees in ways that make sense for you to target a job there? … more>>