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Personal Branding
Personal Branding

Differentiate and be compelling. Just as a corporate brand moves a company forward, a strong brand will set you apart.

  • Discovery – Uncover what makes you unique.
  • Communications – Express your brand – consistently and pervasively – both to online audiences and to people in the real world.
  • Alignment – Make sure everything you communicate, carry with you or post online is “on brand;” that is, it represents your unique brand.

with William Arruda
The ABCs of Personal Branding:  A Three-Step Process
How can you build your unique brand to get the job you want?  In under 10-minutes, William Arruda, personal branding expert,… more>>

with William Arruda
Building Brand You
Companies promote their brands to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. As a business professional, you need a similar strategy to stand out from the competition.… more>>

with William Arruda
Five Measures of Online Reputation:  How Good is Your Rep?
What would someone learn -- and determine about you -- if he or she Googled you? William Arruda, personal branding expert, Founder of Reach Personal Branding and Co-Author of Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand, explains how you can measure your own online reputation and offers detailed advice on ways to enhance it.… more>>

with William Arruda
Top Ten Social Media Musts
With 79% of hiring managers looking to the web for candidates, it’s imperative to take advantage of social media to build awareness and value among potential employers. … more>>

with Sara Canaday
Resume Credentials Aren't Enough:<br />The Intangible Skills that Bring Success
Movies in 3D are much more alive than two-dimensional pictures. The same is true for job candidates and their resumes and credentials.… more>>