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Beyond Resumes

Stand Out Series

More than 150,000 students graduate with MBA degrees each year - what will make you stand out? The Beyond Resumes series gives you the advice and know-how to stand out in a competitive job search. Just ten minutes a day with the very best professional career experts will give you the tools and techniques to differentiate yourself from the masses so you get noticed and get hired.

with William Arruda
Five Measures of Online Reputation:  How Good is Your Rep?
What would someone find -- and determine about you -- if he or she Googled you? William Arruda, personal branding expert,… more>>

with Sara Canaday
Resume Credentials Aren't Enough:<br />The Intangible Skills that Bring Success
Movies in 3D are much more alive than two-dimensional pictures. The same is true for job candidates and their resumes and credentials.… more>>

with Catharine Fennell
Using the Video BIO to Add the Personal Touch to Your Resume
The social transparency phenomenon that has occurred with the rise of the web means tremendous opportunities for job candidates like you to gain visibility.… more>>

by William Arruda
Use Color to Stand Out
Using color in your career marketing tools is another way to stand out and be recognized among all your competitors.  William Arruda, Personal Branding Expert, explains how and where you can use color as part of your job search strategy.… more>>

by William Arruda
Stand Out With Testimonials, Recommendations and Endorsements
As important as it is to sell yourself, it is critical to get others to speak highly of you. Find out from Personal Branding Expert William Arruda how testimonials, recommendations and endorsements will help you in your job search, and find out about the many ways you can secure them.… more>>