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Welcome to the Personal Branding Toolbox, another in the series of resources for career success from Beyond B-School.

Personal branding has become increasingly important to compete in the job market. Your personal brand is the foundation for communicating the potential value you bring to an employer – articulately, engagingly and with impact. The Toolbox contains resources – videos, tip sheets, worksheets, checklists and templates – all with the purpose of assisting you to take action necessary to strengthen your personal brand.

The Toolbox is organized in four sections:
  • Overview: Advance Your Career with a strong Personal Brand, your unique promise of value
  • Know Yourself from Assessments: Bring insight, focus and authenticity to your personal brand by knowing yourself better
  • Know Your Value: Create a compelling presentation of yourself as you develop and build your brand
  • Pitch Yourself: Communicate with Your Audience
The leading advisor on the Toolbox content is Paula Asinof, Principal and Founder of Yellow Brick Path ( She is a Wharton MBA whose career has spanned Finance, Information Technology, Executive Recruiting and Executive Career Coaching. In addition, other experts on personal branding have made contributions.

Enjoy your journey as you develop your personal brand and use it to enhance your career success.

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Building Brand You

The ABCs of Personal Branding: A Three-Step Process
DIY 360 Assessment
Create Your Accomplishments Portfolio
Evaluate Your Headshot
Assess Your Assets…Determine Your Direction part 1 of 3

Assess Your Assets…Determine Your Direction part 2 of 3

Assess Your Assets…Determine Your Direction part 3 of 3

5 Measures of Online Reputation

Know Yourself with the CliftonStrengths Assessment

KNOW YOUR VALUEKnow Your value
Research and Target Yourself to Prospective Employers
How to Position Yourself as a Problem Solver
How to Position Yourself Like Industry Leaders You Admire
How to Establish Your Authority
Target the Right Employers: Four Steps to Build Your List Fast

Mining the Web for Company Intelligence

If I Work Here…Dream Job or Worst Nightmare?

If I Work Here…What’s My Paycheck?

Differentiate Yourself with Strengths-Based Resume, LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter

Lead Advisor. Paula Asinof, Principal and Founder of
Powerful Cover Letters: What Do They Look Like and Do I Even Need One

How to Get Response to Your Email

How to Contact a Company Cold

How to Communicate with New LinkedIn Contacts

WHY YOU? Preparing Your Story to Answer the Inevitable Make or Break Interview Question

Behavioral Interviews Mastery

Pitch Yourself with Strengths-Based Introductions and Interviews

Create Your Personal Branded Introduction
Write Your Elevator Pitch
Evaluate and Go Live with Your Pitch
Personalize Your Connection Requests
How to Request, Prepare for and Make the Most of Informational Meetings
Build Your Networking Discipline
How to Ask for a Referral