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with Jennifer Doyle Vancil

Jennifer Vancil talks about using the Clifton strengths assessment as a basis for personal branding and how to use it.

Identify your top 5 strengths and incorporate that into your personal brand.

  • Knowing Yourself – Take the result of your Clifton strengths assessment and discuss with your coach your identified five (5) strengths. See if it resonates with you and in your everyday activities/work/projects at work, in school, internships and previous jobs.
  • Talk about Yourself – After you have established and understood who you are, you can now start discussing about yourself during your career development sessions or when you undergo a job interview. This is the start of your personal branding journey.
  • Rebrand Yourself – When you plan to shift to a new filed/industry, you can use your strengths and where you have applied your strengths in the past to prove your qualification to the new field you are shifting to.

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with Jennifer Doyle Vancil

Jennifer Doyle Vancil is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and career coach whose mission in life is to help people create strengths-based careers. She works with clients in career transition through her consulting firm Communicating Strengths LLC, she serves as a career coach to MBA students at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, and she is a career counselor and MBA Career Management faculty at Colorado State University. She trains and mentors other career coaches and higher education advisors on integrating CliftonStrengths into academic advising and career counseling and actively shares advice in LinkedIn.