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by Jeremy Schifeling

To land your dream job in the tech industry fast, here are the job-search mistakes commonly made and ways to correct them:

  1. Believing that you didn''t belong. Non-coders occupy majority of tech jobs. Here are statistics from the census:
    1. 5% of Tech workers in a company are computer science degree holders.
    2. For every single (1) technical job created, four (4) non-technical jobs are created.
    3. Companies have three (3X) times as many non-technical workers as Techies. These people come from different backgrounds and majors. Majority are Liberal Arts graduates.
    4. Coders can''t do it on their own. They need someone to manage, market and protect the codes they are creating.

  2. Try to be someone you are not. Here are ways to correct:
    1. When you apply, be transparent with your background. Showcase your accomplishments and sell your strengths. Remember to focus on these distinctions in your cover letter.
    2. Don’t try to put information in your resume that does not sell you.
    3. Remember that Tech was founded by weirdos. Use your unique background to your advantage and not an obstacle.

  3. Be fixated with only the most frequently targeted companies in the Tech industry like Google, Facebook, Apple. Things to remember:
    1. Talent the scarcest resource i.e. Yelp lost billions of dollars because they were not able to hire good salespeople (not coders or tech experts) in a tight labor market.
    2. Don’t put your eggs in one basket (scarcity mindset). There is so much opportunity outside of the well-known companies; you just need to broaden your horizons (prize
    3. mindset).
    4. Explore start-up companies (new or experienced) that can pay you the same amount as Google, Facebook, Apple.

  4. Focus on titles and not roles. Remember:
    1. Titles could mean nothing.
    2. Dig deeper into what you do and emphasize your role/s.
    3. Match your current roles to what you want to do. In that way, you will see the connection/s.

Expert BIO
by Jeremy Schifeling

Jeremy Schifeling is the Founder + Chief Nerd at Break into Tech (, a site for anyone who wants to land an awesome tech job, no matter their background. Previously, Jeremy interned at Apple, hired at LinkedIn, and served as an executive at a VC-backed startup - all after starting his career as a kindergarten teacher! Contact Jeremy at